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Entrepreneur William Russell Kelly opened the first temporary staffing agency in 1946. Since then, the world of temporary work has changed enormously. No longer are temporary staff restricted to clerks and secretaries. Now an entire range of professionals, from lawyers to scientists, can be hired on an ad-hoc basis. In today's employment market, temporary workers play a vital role. With the needs of employers changing over time, businesses need their labour needs met quickly and efficiently.

Are you thinking about hiring temporary workers for your business? Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Save Time And Money

The cost of hiring a temporary worker is often less than employing somebody full-time. The reason for this? All of the responsibility for hiring workers falls on the staffing agency itself. Because the agency employs the staff, your business doesn't have to worry about the paperwork. You avoid all the costs of screening, paying for workers' compensation insurance and dealing with payroll. What's more, the best agencies will even go the extra mile and provide employees with training and advice for work in your business.

Assess Workers Without Committing

Hiring risk is one of the biggest and best-known threats facing business today. Some hires turn out to be great, but many are damaging. Using a temporary staffing agency eliminates part of this risk. Temping staff can be offered short term work to see if they are appropriate for your company. If they are, you can offer them a full-time position at the end of their term. If they aren't, it's your prerogative to let them go.

You can also hire temporary workers to fill a position while you look for a better candidate. Some temporary workers specialise in bridging unfilled positions until a company finds the person they want for the role.

Stay Flexible

In business, workloads can change rapidly. For instance, you could experience a sudden uptick in demand during seasonal projects or peak season. You could also face staff absences because of maternity, injury or illness. In all these situations, your operations could be compromised if you don't find a replacement rapidly. Having a flexible pool of workers with the necessary skills provides you with a form of insurance.

Temporary workers also make your business more productive. Companies can hire labour and only deploy it when it generates maximum return on investment.

Create A Positive Relationship With A Staffing Agency

In today's labour market, companies demand almost every kind of skill on a temporary basis. Though temporary work was seen as something that was only used in low-skilled industries, now workers of all backgrounds are being recruited. Sometimes, these workers are hired to carry out one-off projects. But frequently, companies return to temping agencies again and again to find people to fill recurring roles. Once you've found a tempting agency you can trust, you can start to rely on them exclusively to meet your business's needs. Establishing a good relationship is an excellent way to drive down search costs and get great temporary labour for your business.

Employers - SOS Temps

We can show you how the strategic use of temps will save you time and money and can develop customised solutions to solve all of your temporary and flexible staffing needs.

You can be assured that all our temporary staff have been reference checked with at least two previous employers and have signed a full declaration regarding health status, whether or not they have had any criminal convictions (within the last five years) and their residency status.


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