Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services Auckland

SOS  provide unmatched service to employers and candidates in the area of recruitment (both standard/general and executive).  These services are available in the areas of Permanent, Temporary and Contract.
SOS Commercial
We can help any profession or industry with Temporary, Permanent, or Contract
placements, including Accounting, Administration, Call Centre, Customer
Service, Engineering, Facilities Management,IT, Office Support, Sales and Marketing.
SOS Executive
In the Senior and Executive Management sector, we incorporate services for both
advertised roles as well as assignments to fulfil specific executive requirements
where confidentiality is critical.
SOS Indistrial
This division works to provide specialised recruitment services in areas such as Construction, Distribution, Engineering,Facilities Management, Manufacturing,
Trades and Technical.
Dental Personnel
We work with Dental Practices and the Dental Industry to recruit both
Temporary and Permanent placements for Dental Assistants, Dental Receptionists, Hygienists and other specialist Dental roles.