SOS' Promise

SOS is different to most businesses - we don't just mouth platitudes!  We don't have fancy Mission and Vision Statements that tell the world how good we are.  We don't have a set of Values developed by some fancy pants consulting firm, nailed to the wall and never thought about again.
So - what do we have? 

Well, we have a few simple truths that exist only in our hearts and minds - and here.  These simple promises form SOS' reson' detre (reason to live).  So here they are:
*  First and foremost, we promise to be real - no facades.  What you see is what you get.  The real deal;

*  Attitude is Everything;

*  We will always remain true to our clients, true to our candidates and, most importantly of all, true to ourselves;

*  We think long lunches are important.  They help develop relationships and friendships which are both critical in service based industries;

*  Mediocrity is a dirty word;

*  Service is our way of life - it's not just something we talk about;

*  Our approach is always personalised and professional but without pretentiousness.  We prefer the casual, friendly, non-threatening approach - remembering not to take ourselves too seriously;

*  We're not here for the money.  Yes we need that too - but its not our driver.  We're here because we enjoy it and we genuinely want to help people - not to earn huge profits or dividends for some large corporate or overseas owner;

*  A life (including work) without true passion is not a life at all;

*  Political correctness should be sent back from whence it came;

*  It's good to be different (just ask Richard Branson!).