About SOS

SOS Recruitment (or just SOS to our friends) is a company that wants to connect with people in a real way! Whether you're in a job you don’t like, back from maternity leave or your OE, trying to survive a redundancy or having to find ‘top notch’ staff for your company - SOS are here to help!
SOS has real heart, passion and personality!
In this age of political correctness - we're fighting back and promise to be true to our cause. We believe everyone’s needs go beyond just money, education and careers – it’s about connecting with people and enjoying what you do each and every day! We promise to break through the PC, BS and fake facades to find real people answers to real people problems.
We want to get to know you and what makes you or your company tick. We’ve been involved in business in both New Zealand and Australia for over 25 years. In that time we’ve seen all sorts of recruitment agencies – the good the bad and the very ugly! Didn't seem to matter if they were big, small, loud, quiet, bright, boring, new or old - they all lacked the vital ingredients needed to provide the one thing you wanted most – real employment solutions from a real recruitment company!
People don’t get inspired by more of the same so we're a team of recruitment experts that dare to be different. We're not just another 'vanilla flavoured' recruitment agency!
SOS will take away the headaches caused by the frustration of staff turn-over. We understand the time taken, and mental exhaustion caused by, trying to find new people in today's tight job market. People with not just the skills and experience needed, but even more importantly, the personality to fit your company’s culture and the attitude required to 'make it happen'.
We're very aware of how costly it is to train and retain staff. We also understand how crucial it is to find the right person first time, everytime. So trust us today to find the right people - or right job - for you!!